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Newton (you don't need me to tell you who he is, I know that) had three Laws of Motion. For the purpose of this post (and my life), we are only dealing with the first one here. The First Law says that a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest. Of course, I have paraphrased this as only a student who failed (okay, barely passed) both math and science in high school is wont to do.

Since writing and publishing my first post as well as getting to the point that I am ready to do so, I have to decide in my writing: am I at rest or, am I in motion? This is a crucial assessment as it determines if I will be disheartened and give up or be motivated and continue to create and write. I have tried at this blog thing before and always lost my steam. This time feels very different and so I have decided that my writing is in motion. I am in motion. I do not want to stop being in motion. This place that I am at writing-wise feels very good.

That said, I know a lot of my writing will be crap. It has to be. I will be verbose, boring, aimless and just incompetent because I'm new. I hope to get better. I want to get better. I have no choice but to get better. This second post is to prove to myself that I am still in motion.

Writing can be a daunting thing. I have been contemplating a blog for a long time. However, I have been in love with writing for even longer than that.

Life has finally caught up with me and has let me know now is a pretty good time to start writing in earnest. life pretty much said here's a push to get you going. While it wasn't the push I would have chosen I do know that if I didn't get one (or this particular one) I would have probably continued to dream about writing and remain frightened to actually do it.

For some reason, this past couple of days feel like the right time to take action. This has not been a rash decision, however. I have been stewing in my juices for awhile. I have a place on Medium with one article posted. Medium is a pretty terrifying place though. Overwhelming. So much thought about gaining followers, earning money, e – mail lists and productivity/how to write every day. If I dwell on all that I will just lose my desire and ability (for want of a better word) to write. My brain will simply implode. Medium also isn't really a blog and I know I want a blog. That may change in the future. But a blog is what I need right now.

So here I am with my blog to write and figure all this out. Everything else will follow.